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Roman Polanski visits Sharon Tate on the set of The Wrecking Crew (1968)

Do you believe Christopher Jones's account of having an affair with Sharon when she was 6 weeks pregnant?
from: 1bz

I think I already answered this in the FAQ but no, I personally don’t. There are a few people who do believe this though.

I just don’t because his whole account of their alleged affair is laughable.

What do you think about Statman watermarking photos of Sharon?
from: Anonymous

I think she has some nerve.

All us bloggers who post photos of Sharon might as well add watermarks too, if that’s the case.

Did Sharon get an ultrasound to know whether she was having a boy or a girl?
from: Anonymous

I’m not sure if it was possible to detect what gender your baby was in the 60’s as it was very new technology. It was only really made available in the early 60’s or something? I may be slightly off with dates but it was around then.

I’ve never read anything about her getting an ultrasound.

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Sharon Tate in Eye of the Devil (1966)

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Sharon Tate in an Easter portrait, 1968

I think I read somewhere, and I don't know if this is true, that sharon learned to cook all of Roman's favorite meal's and he once complimented her on a dress she was wearing and she had one made in every color. she must have been very in love with him. I don't doubt that he didn't love her, but she did have a big heart.
from: Anonymous

That’s all true. Roman possessed a certain charisma about him that seemed to pull everyone in so it’s no wonder Sharon was totally smitten.

He was absolutely crazy about her and still is.

Did Sharon like high-school and did she have any boyfriends?
from: Anonymous

She did. She was extremely popular, the most popular girl in both her high schools in Texas and Italy. Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen!

I think she was dating Richard Beymer while finishing school. I’m sure she had other boyfriends throughout her earlier days of High school too.

what was sharon's reaction and feelings about roman's cheating? i always thought she have been better off without him, i mean how can you stay in love with a person who constantly cheats on you :/
from: Anonymous

Roman had always been a womaniser and didn’t want to get married a second time to Sharon. He reportedly made it clear to Sharon that he “wanted a hippy, not a housewife.” Sharon understood all of this quite clearly but for some reason or another, he decided to marry her anyway. 

She didn’t like the cheating obviously because she confided in close friends. But she let him away with it. Why? She just loved him and didn’t want to let him go. I know I keep referring to ‘The Era’ but they were both so modern, I guess they wanted to par-take in some weird ‘Marriage Trend’ or establish a real ‘Hippy-like’ life as man and wife?

I think I read somewhere also that she thought once she had the baby, he’d be more devoted. 

is it true that roman originally wanted her to play rosemary in rosemary's baby?
from: Anonymous

It is. But he was concerned that maybe the studio bosses would think less of him for putting his girlfriend in the starring role. Also, I heard they wanted a bigger name in the role.

what was sharon's favorite music?
from: bratchnyp

She had a wide range of tastes. She loved The Beatles, The Doors and Chicago. Debra also mentioned that she listened to Jazz and Classical too.

were there any people in the industry that sharon didn't like/got on with?
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As far as I know, nope. 

The only thing I heard was that Elizabeth Taylor reportedly got her kicked off the set of The Sandpiper because she was too beautiful and was attracting a lot of attention. I call bull on that one though.