Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski on a skiing holiday with friends, 1968

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate at Cannes Film Festival, 1968

Sharon Tate and Barbara Parkins posing with fashion designer Travilla on the set of Valley of the Dolls (1967)

Sharon Tate during the filming of 12+1 (1969)

Bruce Lee choreographing Sharon Tate for her fight scenes, on the set of The Wrecking Crew (1968)

Hey I love your blog, it's a beautiful thing you're doing by honoring this wonderful woman's life and career over other aspects. I'm a big fan of Sharon's but also of Jim Morrison and his partner Pamela. I've read in many places, I can't think of the sources off hand that Jim and Pam were good friends of Roman and Sharon. Is this true to your knowledge?

Thank you.

I read that too. Jay Sebring, Sharon’s best friend and ex-boyfriend, was Jim’s hair stylist so he was definitely within the same social circle as Sharon and Roman.

I hope to read more about Sharon’s friends in Debra’s new book so watch out for that and hopefully, we’ll be able to confirm her and Jim’s friendship. I believe it to be true anyway.

Sharon Tate in London, 1968. Photos by Bill Ray

Sharon Tate, 1965. Photo by Shahrokh Hatami

How does an actress as beautiful as you are feel about doing nude scenes?

Do you have the photographs of Sharon on the set of Rosemary's baby without watermark?
from: Anonymous

Here’s a few. We will be posting more in the future.

Sharon Tate, 1968. Photo by Shahrokh Hatami

Sharon Tate behind the scenes of The Wrecking Crew (1968)