Do you have any pictures of Sharon at the Golden Globes? Thank you :)
from: Anonymous

Here you go and I’ll be adding more :)

Did Sharon Tate ever attend the Academy Awards?
from: Anonymous

No, not to my knowledge.

However, she was at the Golden Globes and was nominated for Best Newcomer.


Sharon Tate, 1967

Fri, 21st February   1004

Sharon Tate as Sarah Shagal in The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

hiI have a set of photographs that I believe are never printed or released. they were casually taken during an interview with her dog in it as well. I would like to inquire about the value and or the Option to sell them. I have a set of to printed. One I framed and hang in my house.
from: Anonymous

I’m not a professional when it comes to pricing memorabilia or anything but judging from what I tend to see in relation to Sharon, it varies and I can share some thoughts on it.

Anyone can buy prints/photos/posters of her from anywhere between €1.00 to about €100.00, depending on whether it’s a popular image or if it’s a rare film poster or photo of her.

Magazines can be pricey too. I’ve seen people charge nearly €200.00 for them.

If the photos you have are truly rare, unpublished/unseen, you could probably charge €100 and up. But I wouldn’t be inclined to charge something crazy like €250 for a single image. The market for Sharon memorabilia is not big at all, she’s not like Elvis or Marilyn so there is obviously less interest to collect. On top of this, new images of Sharon pop up literally EVERY DAY. It’s crazy, I’m finding new ones all the time. Once that image is released, it will literally appear on every single Sharon site within 24hrs and the value of it, in my eyes, is definitely down graded. I have a few extremely rare Sharon photos that I know would no longer have their value if I put them on the internet. I’m just trying to find the right moment to release them.

Be extra careful that your images DEFINITELY haven’t been released and make sure to get a professional’s opinion on pricing of you want to sell them on. It sounds very exciting that you have unseen photo’s of her but unseen pictures of her get released everyday, just take care and research properly! I hope I helped a little.

Sharon Tate at a promotional photo shoot for The Wrecking Crew (1968) | Pt. 2

Sharon Tate on the set of Eye of the Devil (1966)

Sharon Tate modelling a wig that was specially designed for her by the great Vidal Sassoon, 1967. Photo by Shahrokh Hatami

Sharon Tate, Barbara Bouchet and Roman Polanski at the Playboy Club in London, 1967

Sharon Tate in a promotional photo for Don’t Make Waves (1967)


Mia Farrow visits Sharon Tate and Dean Martin on the set of The Wrecking Crew (1968)

Sharon Tate at a promotional photo shoot for The Wrecking Crew (1968) | Pt. 1